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Still from Strangers

How Technology Could Bridge the Gap of Compassion

  After the 2016 election, I drove twelve hours to learn more about America’s invisible political majority. In order to get there, I had to pass through hundreds of miles of forgotten stories, buried memories, unrecognized sacrifices, and rusted machinery, digging deep into the troughs

Contemporary Cases of Shared Sacred Sites: Forms of Othering or Belonging?

This article investigates one particular narrative of “othering and belonging,” one that brings together the historical and contemporary experience of particular communities of Jews, Christians, and Muslims who have found it possible to work out various forms of coexistence. As we grapple with contemporary American


An Evolutionary Roadmap for Belonging and Co-Liberation

Read the companion piece to An Evolutionary Roadmap for Belonging and Co-Liberation. Dear Shanthi   In my thirteen years working in the field of racial equity, primarily in government, colleagues from the District Attorney’s Office, the library system, and the health department brought to our

Contested Land

Part and Parcel: Cultivating Survival in the Village of Battir

It was October 2014, and the new Palestine Museum I was working with sent me on an assignment. I was to photograph the Palestinian village of Battir, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site under the title, “Land of Olives and Vines—Cultural Landscape of Southern Jerusalem,

Isaiah Lopaz, Him Noir

Editors’ Introduction, Issue Three

A child cannot, thank Heaven, know how vast and how merciless is the nature of power, with what unbelievable cruelty people treat each other. —James Baldwin Children are not born knowing the nature of power or the cruelty with which we often treat one another,

Refugee Camp

What If We Othered Your Child And You?

By Nina Miriam Artwork by Zarina What if We Othered Your Child and You? What if we surrounded you in a sea of blackness And in an attempt to get to know you, Peppered you with a barrage of questions and statements That only served