Refugee Camp

What If We Othered Your Child And You?

By Nina Miriam Artwork by Zarina What if We Othered Your Child and You? What if we surrounded you in a sea of blackness And in an attempt to get to know you, Peppered you with a barrage of questions and statements That only served

Frames for Life, Liberation, & Belonging

  Stories shape and reflect what is valued in a society; frames create the natural laws that give stories their gravity. Frames shape how a story is told: what is emphasized and deemphasized, included and excluded. If the frame is individualism, then unions, community land

Subverting Established Views: OPPOSE OTHERING!

Film is a medium prone to othering because it is highly visual, about seeing and being seen. And because it was almost always expensive to make films, the visual coding is highly shaped by the white male view—as John Berger’s famous quote, “Men look at

Precarious Lives

I’ve been pulled over for traffic violations just a few times in my life. Only once was I taken into a station. It was a Sunday morning in Hyde Park, on the south side of Chicago. Instead of sleeping in or nursing a hangover, I

Take a Look at Ourselves

Hope. Being surrounded by our youth media producers at the Bayview-Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology1)BAYCAT (BAYCAT) gives me hope: young graduates like Alex Sorto, one of the rappers and media producers behind the award-winning, youth-produced music video Take a Look at Yourself. We